Our friendly and knowledgeable staff has a wide ranging scope of experience in archery. Staff expertise includes FITA, NAA, NFAA, IBO, ASA styles of shooting. Hunting skills include Pope & Young, Boone & Crockett species such as deer, elk, antelope, turkey, and javelina, coyote, and buffalo. African animals have also been harvested by  our staff members. All of our professional staff have been to the PSE and/or Mathews Dealer Schools. We will spend time with you making sure your purchase of new equipment is set up right for you and that your gear is performing to it’s maximum capability.

Repair Shop

Anything from installing a nocking point, serving a string or a complete tear down and reassembly of your favorite bow can be quickly and correctly performed by Jeff, Amanda, Monica, or Steve.

We currently use the “Last Chance Archery Bow Press” for the new parallel and past parallel limb bows to safely work on your bow.

Arrow Repair
Arrow repair and reflecting is one of our specialties. We can fletch straight, offset and helical of your choice. Feathers, vanes of most any length, Quick Spins, and Blazers are available.

Repair Information
You can drop off your repair work and we will call when the repairs are finished. If you have a special request we will work hard to fill your needs.

Strings & Cables
Peak Performance, is our in house string company that provides pre-strechted made to order strings. We have a wide varitey of color selection allowing you to  personalize your strings just for you!

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